Municipality of Anchorage Holds Mock Election



Anchorage Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones announces a mock election to prepare for the April 3, 2018 Regular Municipal Election, which will be the first Vote by Mail election for the Municipality of Anchorage. Mock Election Day is Tuesday, December 12, 2017.

Qualified municipal employees were mailed a mock election ballot in late November. They are voting their choices, and returning the ballot through the United States Postal Service or at temporary drop boxes which are available at City Hall, in the Municipal Clerk’s Office, Suite 250 and at the MOA Election Center, 619 E. Ship Creek Drive, Suite 100, Door C.

On December 12th at the MOA Election Center at 8:00 a.m., ballot envelopes will begin to be processed through the envelope sorting machine, signatures will be verified, and ballots will be tabulated and adjudicated. With participation of Anchorage municipal employees, the Clerk’s Office will conduct end-to-end testing of new election equipment, as well as new procedures it has developed for Vote by Mail.

In April 2018, Anchorage will no longer operate traditional polling locations. Instead, qualified, registered voters will be mailed a ballot with election materials 21 days before Election Day. Voters will have the opportunity to study the ballot with trusted resources, mark their choices, sign the ballot affidavit, and return the materials.

As Anchorage transitions, the Municipal Clerk’s Office reminds voters that, “Vote by Mail is as easy as 1-2-3!”

  1. Vote your ballot, filling in the ovals completely, place the ballot in the security envelope, then place both into the ballot return envelope.
  2. Sign the declaration on the back of the ballot return envelope.
  3. Return your ballot with a first class stamp through the United States Postal Service or save postage and drop it at a secure drop box or return it to an accessible vote center.




Carolyn Hall, Education and Outreach Coordinator      Barbara A. Jones, Municipal Clerk

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