The Anchorage Assembly held a public hearing on August 23rd on the Mayor’s proposal to change the Municipal Clerk’s position from an appointed position to an elected position; AO 2022-13.   The Assembly Leadership issued a statement opposing the change.  The Alaska Association of Municipal Clerks also issued a statement in opposition to the change.  Shirley Pittz, our President, testified at the beginning of the Assembly Meeting in opposition as well.  In attendance were the following League members:  Shirley Pittz, Barbara Derr, Barbara Norrell, Marilyn Russell and Heather Flynn.  Assembly Member Forest Dunbar made a motion to postpone a hearing on the ordinance indefinitely and Assembly Member Meg Zaletel seconded.  If the public hearing had been held, the ordinance would have required a two-thirds affirmative vote by the Assembly to move forward.

You may view the Assembly meeting from the link below.