October 12, 2022

Dear League Member: There is a vacancy on the Municipal Election Commission. Every October one or two members serving on the Election Commission will have their terms expire. The member has the option to reapply. This year two members’ terms expired. One Mayoral appointee was scheduled to be confirmed by the Assembly last night. There is still one vacancy. Please consider applying. Members meet in January for an organizational meeting and several times during the February/March/April election season. There are usually no meetings the rest of year unless there are issues needing to be addressed.

The Election Commission is a body appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Assembly. Members typically serve a three-year term; members can be reappointed for additional terms. The commission is comprised of five members—currently there is one vacancy.

The qualifications of Election Commission members are included in AMC 4.50.035 and include, in addition to AMC 28.10.030, that a member shall (1) if legally eligible, be a qualified voter of the municipality; (2) maintain domicile in the municipality while in office; (3) be at least 18 years of age or meet state requirements relating to employment of minors during the member’s service to the board or commission.

The Election Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Anchorage Assembly and the Municipal Clerk in the conduct of elections; studies and recommends to the Assembly and Municipal Clerk proposed ordinances relating to elections; serves as the canvass board for Municipal Elections; and reviews the results of the election officials’ tabulation; among other assigned duties. AMC 28.120.060.

The Anchorage Election Commission is required to hold an organizational meeting each year in January. AMC 28.120.030. The Commission typically elects a Chair and a Vice-Chair, reviews its procedures and the election calendar, and establishes a meeting and training schedule for the election cycle.

Would you be interested in serving on the Election Commission? Below is a link for the online application.

Have your resume and references ready in a PDF format. Please click here to apply. https://onboard.muni.org/apply/

Joyce Anderson, LWV Board member, has previously served on the Election Commission. She is available to answer questions you may have about the commission and its duties. She can be reached at joycejimalaska@gci.net
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LWV Anchorage