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Ranked Choice Voting and FAQ's

Learn more about Ranked Choice Voting: how we got here, how it works, how to vote a ballot and answers to frequently asked questions.

Alaska Division of Elections: Ranked Choice Voting

View Sample Ballots

The Division of Elections has sample ballots to give you an idea of what you will see at the polls this year. There could be at least two voting styles on the ballots: Ranked Choice and (the old fashioned) Pick One.

Click the link below to go to the Division of Elections website for the most recent sample ballots, which are released about 50 days before each election.


Alaska Division of Elections – Sample Ballots

2022 Alaska Statewide Elections

There are three different election days this summer and four different elections. Click here for more information.

Voter Information Blog

2022 Anchorage Municipal Election Guide by the Anchorage Daily News

The Anchorage Daily news sent a series of questions to candidates running for School Board and the Assembly. The article allows you to read the candidates responses to questions, which isn’t as fun as watching a live debate, but is still a great way to help compare and choose between candidates.

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Ballots are in the mail!

Ballots for the Anchorage Municipal Election are in the mail. They were sent out Tuesday, March 15th, so you should be receiving your ballot very soon. You may track your ballot at the new BallotTrax web service contracted for by the Anchorage Municipality. It will...

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2022 Anchorage School Bonds

2022 Anchorage School Bonds The 2022 Anchorage School Bond is Proposition 1 on the April 5th ballot. Twenty-five schools across the District will see improvements if this proposition passes. It will provide funds to replace the Inlet View Elementary building, and will...

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Alaska Leagues

There are four local leagues in the State of Alaska under the umbrella of the LWV of Alaska.


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