Vote Anchorage Municipal Elections – April 4, 2023

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Register or Update Your Registration

Deadline is March 5, 2023 for the April 2023 Muni Election

To vote in the April 4 2023 Anchorage Municipal Election, you must be qualified to vote in the State of Alaska and be registered to vote at an address in the Anchorage Municipality at least 30 days before Election Day and be 18 years of age or older on Election day.

If you are already registered, remember to update your registration if you have moved and have a new residence address. You may correct your registration online, or anywhere you may register to vote.

One last thought, if you are living in another state temporarily, do not register to vote there or you will lose your Alaskan residency. People who can retain residency include military and students.

The State of Alaska Division of Elections registers and maintains the list of voters and has a website that offers more detailed information.

Make Your Plan – Visit the Municipality of Anchorage Elections Voter Resource

The Municipality of Anchorage Elections Voter Resource contains much of the information you will need to vote. The menu has tabs for Candidate Information, Results, Ballot Information, Ballot Tracking, Vote by Mail, Petition Information and FAQs.
Click Here to go to Anchorage Municipal Elections Voter Resource

Find your assembly district using the Municipality of Anchorage’s online mapping tool. With boundaries drawn throughout the area a mapping tool is more accurate than a document. When you open the tool, you can choose between maps and find political boundaries around your place of residence.  Elections and Government (

If you prefer, printable maps may be downloaded from the Anchorage Municipal Elections Voter Resource.

A great resource to understand the political boundaries of the Municipality of Anchorage was created by the MOA GIS group.

Once you know your Assembly district, return to the Anchorage Municipal Election Voter Resource and check out the candidates that are running and other issues on the ballot. Many candidates have their own websites so you can find out more about them. Other great resources are debates and questionnaires that candidates running for the seat answer, which is an efficient way to compare your options.

Vote by Mail

The Municipality of Anchorage is a full Vote by Mail election, but it is NOT a Ranked Choice election.  Your ballot will be mailed to the mailing address you gave when registering to vote. You may also vote at a temporary address if you won’t be at your registered mailing address 21 days before the election. You may also choose to vote by email or fax. There is paperwork required and a deadline of about 1 week before the election to setup voting at a temporary address or by email or fax.

Anchorage Vote Centers are in City Hall, Loussac Library and Eagle River Town Center. Visit a Vote Center for voting assistance including replacing damaged or lost ballots, if you didn’t receive a ballot, or if you want to vote your mailed ballot in person. See information on days and hours at the Anchorage Municipal Voter Resource.

Once you’ve voted your ballot and it is properly in its signed envelope as per the instructions, you may send it via mail, or use a Secure Drop Box or take it to an Anchorage Vote Center to place in a ballot box. 

Find locations of Secure Drop boxes and more information on Anchorage Vote Centers at the Anchorage Municipal Voter Resource. 

And the best deal going is to use the BallotTrax tracking app as it will show you where your ballot is in the ballot counting process. If there is a problem with your ballot, you will see it here and will be able to visit an Anchorage Vote Center for help.

2023 Anchorage Municipal Election

click here to download the full calendar from ANC Municipal Elections: Anchorage Municipal Elections General Election Calendar

click here to view what will be on the ballot : Muni Elections Ballot Information

January 27, 2023, 5PM Deadline for Declaration of Candidacy for the April 4 2023 Anc Muni Election Filing forms are available online at
March 5, 2023 Deadline to Register to vote or update your Voter Registration for the April 4 2023 Anc Muni Election

Register to vote here:

Update your voter registration here:

March 14, 2023 Ballot mailing day for the April 4 2023 Anc Muni Election, and Secure Drop Boxes are opened. Track your ballot here:
March 27, 2023 Anchorage Vote Centers are open, and it is Seward’s Day. Hours: Weekdays 9a-6p; Saturday, April1, 10a-Noon; Sunday, April 2, Noon-5p; Election Day, April 4, 7a-8p. City Hall, Loussac Library and Eagle River Town Center.
April 4, 2023 Voting Day for the Anc Muni Election All Ballot Envelopes (including military and overseas) must be postmarked on or before Election Day, or returned to a Secure
Drop Box or Anchorage Vote Center by 8:00 p.m.
April 20, 2023 Deadline to receive ballot envelopes, except miliary and overseas. Election Commission Meeting and Public Session of Canvass: Adjudication of challenged
ballots (All Ballot Envelopes except military and overseas envelopes must be received by
the start of the canvass.)
April 25, 2023 Certification of the Election Certification of Regular Municipal Election Results (Military
and overseas envelopes must be received by 12:00 noon.


Important Contact Information
Anchorage Municipal Elections


Register to Vote
ALASKA – Online Voter Registration
Update your Voter Registration
Alaska My Voter Information
Temporary Address Change, MOA Election
FORM – Temporary Address Application.pdf (
Frequently Asked Questions
Elections Frequently Asked Questions (
Secure Ballot Drop Box and ANC Vote Center Hours & Locations
Voter Phone Hotline
(907)243-VOTE (8683)
Voter Email Hotline
Track Your Ballot
Anchorage (
Muni Web Page


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