Anchorage Votes by Mail

Anchorage Votes by Mail April 2, 2024

Anchorage Municipal Election, 2024

March 3, Last Day to Register to Vote, or to update your voter address for the April 2nd Election.

March 12, Ballot Packages Mailed to Anchorage voters. Secure Drop Boxes available.

March 25, Anchorage Vote Centers open.

April 2, Election Day, Anchorage Municipal Election 2024. All ballot envelopes must be postmarked on or before April 2, 2024, or returned to a secure Drop Box or Anchorage Vote Center by 8pm.

April 23, Certification of Regular Municipal Election (Regular Assembly Meeting)

April 28, First Notice of Runoff Election published. (if needed)

May 14, Runoff Election Day (if needed)

May 31, Certification of Runoff Election (if needed) (Special Assembly Meeting)


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