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Register to Vote or Update Your Registration

If you are a resident of the State of Alaska, you may register to vote or update your registration information online, via a paper form or at any location that offers voter registration. Once approved, you will receive a voter card in the mail.

If you are already registered, remember to update your registration if you have moved and have a new residence address. You may correct your registration online, or anywhere you may register to vote. 

One last thought, if you are living in another state temporarily, do not register to vote there or you will lose your Alaskan residency. People who can retain residency include military and students. For a longer list, or more information, check out the Division of Elections website or give them a call.

The Alaska Division of Elections has a website that offers more detailed information. They would love for you to call them with your questions. This link is direct to their Voter Registration page.

Make Your Plan – Visit the Division of Elections Website

The Alaska Division of Elections website contains much of the information you will need to vote. The menu has tabs for Voters, Language Assistance, Candidates, Petitioners, Political Parties, Election Workers and Research. If you are viewing on a phone, press the word “Menu” to display the menu options if they are hidden.

Find your State House and Senate districts to know the candidates you may vote for and where you may vote. The Division of Elections online tool “My Voting Information” will tell you your District/Precinct and your polling place location. The District is the State House district and determines who you can vote for in the State House race. To discover your State Senate district, check out this PDF from the Division of Elections, and locate your State Senate District by your residence location name.
2022 House and Senate District Designations

Once you know your House and Senate District, check out the candidates that are running. Many candidates have their own websites so you can find out more about them. Other great resources are debates and questionnaires that candidates running for the seat answer, which is an efficient way to compare your options.

Find out whether there are any petitions or resolutions that will be on the ballot. There will be information pro/con on any resolution. Local news can help here.

The Research tab on the Division of Elections website is the place to learn about Alaska election security, statistics, laws, and current and past candidates, petitions and ballots. This isn’t bedtime reading as you’ll find it too interesting to quit when you should.

Contact information for the Division of Elections in Anchorage Alaska:

RII Elections Office
2525 Gambell Street Suite 100
Anchorage, Alaska 99503-2838


Today, there are more ways to vote, and because of this more of us vote in elections. In the past, if you could not get out of work to vote, or if you became too busy to remember to vote, or if the lines were too long in your neighborhood polling place, or if you had to be out of town, you might not have voted in an election.

Alaska has Ranked Choice Voting. We have a link on our home page for help understanding how to vote a ranked choice ballot. You may also view any ballots for this year and prior years from the Division of Elections website link.

Now you have a choice on how you will vote in an election. You may vote in person on election day, a few weeks early at an Early Vote location, or apply for an absentee by mail or by fax ballot.

You can only vote if your voter registration is valid and if you meet deadlines, such as being registered 30 days before an election. To see current voting deadlines, see the Election Date Quick Reference link below this article.

Election Day Voting:  Bring an id or your voter registration card to your polling place. You may find the name of your polling place by clicking the “Check Your Voter Information ” link below. When you go to your polling place, you may vote for all candidates and issues for your area. You may vote at a different polling place, but you will then vote a Questioned Ballot and you would not be able to vote for some local candidates or issues. If you go to an Early Vote polling place on Election Day, you will be able to find your ballot and vote for all of your candidates and issues.

Early Voting: There are a few locations around the state that are designated Early Vote sites. They will have all of the ballots of all of the polling places available. If you go to an Early Vote site, you will be able to vote your ballot. Click this link to find locations and dates for early vote sites near you.

Absentee Voting: There are deadlines to apply for an absentee ballot so check the Election Date Quick Reference link below. There are different ways to vote absentee, so take your time and visit the Division of Elections Absentee Voting website to understand the options or give them a call so they may help you set up the best way to receive and vote your ballot. This website also answers common questions about voting absentee.

If you are going to vote Absentee by Mail, do not forget to follow all of the steps required for your ballot to count. If you forget a step your ballot will not be counted. So, remember to put your ballot in the envelope, sign the envelope yourself, put your identifying information on the envelope, AND have a witness sign the envelope.  Use the checklist.

Track Legislation

Track Legislation in the State of Alaska Legislature.

The Alaska Legislature has a great website filled with information on the Legislature and on current legislation. You can find the text of Bills, committee schedules and meetings, and votes on the bills. Take the time to become familiar with this website. It is worth the time you spend.


You may also get SMS text messages sent to your device to keep informed of changes on a particular bill. Information on how to do this is found at the bottom of the Legislature’s website pages. In general, to get SMS BILL TRACKING text alerts, text a bill number (ex: HB1) to 559-245-2529 and follow the instructions.

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